VeroSkills for Non-Profits

Serve your community with state-of-the art retraining into in-demand tech roles.

Provide an amazing opportunity for your community.

By partnering with VeroSkills, your non-profit organization can offer a transformative pathway for refugees in your community. Our program goes beyond traditional education by not only teaching coding, but also by providing practical experience and support from our tutors to ensure success. Upon completion of our program, participants will be equipped and ready to apply for apprenticeships, kick-starting their careers in the tech industry.


Identify Learners

Once you’ve identified 10 or more students who exhibit a strong commitment to learning, determined effort, and a drive to succeed, send them our way to apply.  

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Track Progress

After we have kicked off your cohort, you will have admin access to the VeroSkills platform. This will provide you with the ability to track each of your students' progress throughout their learning journey.

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Change Lives

At VeroSkills, we are proud to partner with non-profit organizations to change lives through coding education. Together, we will empower individuals to create brighter futures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students make up a cohort?

A cohort is at minimum a group of ten students. However, there can be more than ten students in a cohort.

What qualifications does a student need to have to be accepted into the VeroSkills program?

Students do not need any prior software engineering knowledge or experience to qualify for the VeroSkills program. The only requirements for students are that they have a laptop with a web camera, stable access to the internet, and a dedicated mindset to finish the program.

What is the typical recruitment process once they graduate?

Once the students reach 90% completion of the program, corporations can start viewing their apprenticeship profiles and sending opportunities directly on the platform.

Are the students mentored in any way?

Yes, our students are mentored and encouraged by our Student Engagement Counselors and Expert Tutors.