VeroSkills for Corporations

Add innovation to the life-blood of your organization by diversifying your workforce.

Discover your next superstar software engineer.

Streamline your recruitment process and find top-tier talent with our pool of highly skilled VeroSkills graduates. Our platform connects you with motivated individuals equipped with real-world experience. Explore our talent pool today and hire your next superstar software engineer with ease.



Start and end your search for your next hire seamlessly with the VeroSkills platform. Browse our extensive network of talented graduates through the apprenticeship side of our platform.



Once you’ve identified your ideal candidate, establish contact with them by extending an offer. Following this, arrange a series of interviews to further explore their qualifications and ensure they align seamlessly with your team.



In our commitment to shaping the future of tech talent acquisition, once you have conducted interviews and assessed your candidate, you are prepared to hire your next superstar software engineer! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which programming languages are the candidates learning?

Our students are presented with a full-stack comprehensive 21-course coding curriculum. This curriculum includes the languages of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, Python, SQL, API Basics, Tailwind, React, and Gatsby.

Are we able to see examples of a candidate’s projects?

Yes, our students’ work is stored in their GitHub repository.

Can I interview multiple candidates?

Absolutely, you are allowed to interview as many candidates as you would like until you find your next superstar software engineer.

How do I gain access to the apprenticeship side of the platform?

Once you become a corporate partner with VeroSkills, we will provide you with a unique login to access our apprenticeship platform and talent pool.