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The world is experiencing a significant surge in refugees, rising from 16.7 million in 2013 to an expected 1.2 billion by 2050. VeroSkills addresses this challenge by empowering refugees with essential tech skills and opportunities, enabling them to thrive in the industry.

Why Refugees Matter

Millions of refugees seek safe havens and sustainable futures. Many are highly educated and motivated but face employment barriers.

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At similar levels as the U.S. population. Over 21.7% of refugees have a bachelor's degree or higher.
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73% of companies report better retention from refugees compared to non-refugee employees.
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Refugees are legally authorized to work without sponsorship in the U.S., the EU and Canada.
New AI-Adjacent Jobs By 2025

Bridging Two Mega Trends

The World Economic Forum predicts 85 million jobs will be displaced by automation by 2025, but 97 million new roles will emerge. VeroSkills is poised to equip refugees with the necessary AI and automation skills, preparing them for successful tech-enabled careers as early to mid-stage professionals.

Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees
Upskilling Refugees

What VeroSkills Provides

VeroSkills offers comprehensive support to ensure refugee success in the tech industry:

What our Refugee Learners say

James Wasaanyi
Thanks to VeroSkills, I’m not just a student; I’m a tech professional ready to innovate. Thank you, Lifeline, for this incredible opportunity!


With Us

Are you a non-profit or workforce organization that serves refugees? Learn how to upskill your refugee clients for high-growth tech-enabled careers. Contact us to get started.

VeroSkills AI Council

To ensure best in class and future-ready training, we have partnered with the top thinkers in the industry.

Welcoming America
David Lubell
Social Entrepreneur, Former EIR at The Adecco Group
The Lean Startup
Eric Ries
Author of #1 Startup Book, Founder & Exec Chair of LTSE
Seema Iyer
Innovator leveraging machine learning to support refugees
Tihomir Bajić
Venture Capitalist for Kevin Hart & others, Former refugee

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