VeroSkills for Learners

Study for a new career path while balance your family and work responsibilities.

Start your journey, change your life.

Whether you’re a refugee seeking a fresh start or aiming for a career switch that can change generations of your family, our comprehensive 21-course coding education program will open doors to endless opportunities in the tech industry. Join us today and unlock your potential!



Once you have been recruited by your administrator, you will receive a link to apply to the VeroSkills program.



Upon acceptance and cohort commencement, dive into our comprehensive 21-course coding curriculum on our platform. With full-stack training, expect to graduate in 6-8 months, completing 380 lessons over 130 working days, averaging 3 lessons daily, excluding quizzes and certifications.



With a strong work ethic and determination, supported by our team and industry professionals, our mission is to assist you in becoming a successful software engineer. Your success is our success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the time commitment look like?

We encourage our learners to complete at least 3 lessons per day, Monday-Friday. This will keep you on track to complete the program within 6-8 months.

What if I don’t finish in 6 months?

That’s okay! If you need a little bit more time to finish, we are here to support you. However, the sooner you finish the quicker we can help get you an apprenticeship. Remember, your success is our success!

What if I am new to software engineering?

We are glad to have you! You don’t need to have any prior software engineering experience to be enrolled into the VeroSkills program.

What does the hiring process look like after I graduate from the program?

Once you have completed 90% of the program, interested employers will be able to reach out directly for an interview. If both parties like the interview, the employer can then send an employment offer directly to your VeroSkills profile.