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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common questions students have for VeroSkills?

What can I learn with VeroSkills?

VeroSkills offers a range of ever-expanding educational content in the software development space. Learn to code apps for Android and iOS, websites, infrastructures, and even games with programs like Unity.

How can I sign up to be a Mentor?

Mentors are hired through a series of personal interviews and background checks. If you have several years of Software Development experience, free to reach out to inquire about the possibilities!

Do I have to pay for Mentor Calls?

With a VeroSkills Premium subscription, you get 30 Minutes of Call Credits included each month (unused Credits roll over!). If you need more time, you can easily purchase plenty of new credits and still pay hundreds of dollars less than comparable Mentor/Tutor platforms.

How does VeroSkills compare to similar platforms?

VeroSkills is the most valuable educational subscription service on the market, offering courses, live workshops, and on-demand access to live Pro Mentors for thousands of dollars less than our closest competitors.

Do you offer career advice?

VeroSkills specializes in not only providing the skills you'll need ON the job, but also the skills you need to GET the job. Learn how to ace interviews and craft the perfect resume.

Can I get a Diploma or Certifications through VeroSkills?

In the near future, VeroSkills will begin releasing courses which will allow students to receive various certifications. Businesses are less interested in diplomas and certifications than your ability to demonstrate highly effective dev skills. At the moment, we are focused on enabling entry-level developers to rapidly gain career-ready knowledge, and experience the power of a competitive new skillset.