Find a superstar software engineer.

We offer a direct channel for recruiters to engage and hire our tutors and students, opening up a diverse talent pool while making a direct impact.

At VeroSkills, our mission is to address the global tech talent deficit by providing underserved individuals with training in software engineering.

The learning platform that actually helps

We provide underserved students access to on-demand training and mentoring by top industry professional software developers who work for the biggest companies in the world.

A thriving community you can be a part of

We partner with organizations that are deeply connected to these communities to better understand the challenges that students in these communities face.

Our community partners are crucial to our success, as they are our “boots on the ground” and provide us with valuable feedback on each student’s progress.

By working together, we aim to help every student overcome the barriers they face and achieve their goals of entering the tech industry.

We work closely with our partners to provide students with the training and support they need, and we use their feedback to tailor our support to the individual needs of each student.

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