C# for Beginners with Former Microsoft Developer Scobie Smith | Begin your path into software development with Microsoft's primary language--used for everything from web development, gaming, and desktop applications, to cloud computing and machine learning. This workshop presupposes no prior programming background. We will learn the fundamentals of programming, including some basics about object-oriented software. The latest version of .NET and C# will be used. You will also work hands-on with latest version of the main development tool for writing C# code: Visual Studio. (.NET 6, C# 10, Visual Studio 2022.)

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C# has the power to support modern-day software development. With C#, you can build almost any kind of application. ... Having this mind, it's easy to say that C# is still a relevant programming language, worth learning in 2020. C# offers a lot of toolsets and systems, which are all supported by Microsoft.

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